Friday, 25 October 2013

New SSP Pamphlet on Fuel Poverty

The Scottish Socialist Party will this week publish our latest pamphlet to 'End fuel poverty and power company profiteering'.
As well as exposing the shocking extent of fuel poverty in Scotland today and the greed of the profiteering energy companies it also includes full details of the Scottish Socialist Party's 8 point progamme to solve the problem, to:
-Cap gas and electricity bills immediately with no further rises permitted until fuel poverty is eliminated
-Investigate the big 6 energy companies on charges of profiteering and acting as an industrial cartel
-Double the Winter Fuel Allowance paid to the elderly and extend it to all other vulnerable groups
-Introduce a windfall tax on the big 6 energy companies profits to ensure all their existing 'powercard' customers are moved on to the cheapest tariffs instead of the dearest
-Diversify away from expensive and dirty fossil fuels used in the generation of electricity towards renewables
-Treble the sums spent on Government domestic energy saving schemes such as insulation, double glazing and efficient water boilers
-Build 100,000 new energy efficient new homes for the socially rented sector in Scotland annually to replace the worst of our current 'drafty, leaky and inefficient' stock, and
-Return the energy industry to public ownership to ensure every home has the heating they need and any profits go to the public purse.

The pamphlet will be available for £3.99 incl. post and packaging via this blog or from the Scottish Socialist Party website

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