Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Socialists Meet Trades Union Leaders Amid Worsening Economic Crisis

Scottish Socialist Party national spokesman Colin Fox will travel to London today [Sat 10th] to discuss the worsening economic and political crisis with trades union leaders.

The Former Lothian's MSP will join the Rail, Maritime and Transport union RMT, the Fire Brigades Union, the Civil Service union PCS and public sector unions at a special conference called to respond to what they see as failed government policy.

Colin Fox believes the worsening economic conditions are putting millions of workers living standards at risk.
‘‘Jobs are being lost by the thousand every day. Millions of working families are facing 2009 fearful of what it may bring. Labour’s recession sees the country facing the worst economic crisis in living memory.
We and the trade union movement need to ensure that working people are not made to pay for an economic and political crisis they played no part in creating. Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling are responsible for this crisis. They have made it clear that they are prepared to bail out the banks, to the tune of £500bn, but they will not act to save jobs in finance, retail, construction or the public sector.
It is equally clear that a major conflict between the Labour government and the unions is in the offing. I very much welcome the opportunity to meet with those trades union leaders determined to defend the living standards of working people against the developing economic and political disaster.’

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