Wednesday, 8 April 2009

SSP to Contest European Parliament Elections 4th June

The European Parliament elections on June 4th will be the first real opportunity voters have had to register how angry they are about the deterioration in their living standards and the way the political classes first of all denied the recession was happening and then bailed out their friends in the city but ignoring the pain felt by working families. The bankers have walked away with billions yet workers at Woolworths and Prisme Packaging in Dundee for example got nothing. For this reason the June 4th poll will be dominated by this one issue beyond all others and will in effect become a referendum on Gordon Brown and New Labour.
I very much suspect that people will turn out in unprecedented numbers for a Euro election to hammer Labour at the polls, holding them responsible for the recession, the steep rise in unemployment, house repossessions and the outrage that is Sir Fred Goodwins pension and the reckless bank bail outs. Those who bleat that the European Elections are about 'other issues' know nothing about how class politics in this country works.
The Scottish Socialist Party will again offer our unique socialist alternative, distinct from all the bosses and bankers parties, just as we have done in every such election since 1999.
We pledged then to offer working people in Scotland a distinct, incorruptible socialist voice and we have kept our promises throughout. We will again put forward our unique programme and candidates and I look forward to bringing you all the details of our campaign in the weeks ahead.

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