Saturday, 24 October 2009

Commemorating Scotland's International Brigade

Thomas Brannan, William Fox and Thomas Fleck, three men from Blantyre in Lanarkshire went to Spain in 1937 to fight on the Republican side in the civil war battle against General Franco's fascists. All three died there within months of their arrival. The statue or 'cairn' pictured was commissioned by East Kilbride and South Lanarkshire Trades Union Council to commemorate the three local men who paid the ultimate price to defend our ideals. The trades council invited me to speak today at the cairns unveiling. As a Lanarkshire boy I was delighted and honoured to say a few words both in their memory and about the ongoing battle against fascism in Britain today. I want to express my thanks to Stephen Smellie and the other members of the trades council for inviting me along. And I want to congratulate them for establishing such a wonderful monument in tribute to the three men and indeed to all those from Scotland who joined the international brigade. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and well supported event.

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  1. i was in motherwell last week colin to
    visit relatives and while i was walking
    in brandon parade my thoughts went back
    to when there was a motherwell cross and
    there was shops on real streets.
    but the one thing that that heartened
    me was when i asked a man about my age
    for a light for my cig,we ended up talking
    for about 20 min.
    how many towns in scotland could you go to
    and have a 20 min. conversation with a stranger?
    there are still some good people out there.
    bob weir.