Thursday, 26 November 2009

For an independent socialist Scotland

John Maclean [1878-1923] - For An Independent Socialist Scotland
The Scottish Government will unveil its long awaited Bill for a referendum on independence on Monday [November 30th - St Andrews Day] which also happens to be the anniversary of the great Red Clydeside revolutionary John Maclean's death.
I support the referendum Bill because I believe in independence and because I feel the people of Scotland should have their say on this important
question. It's a straightforward issue of democracy for me - Let the people decide.
If the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are so convinced any vote would go against independence it stands to reason they should have no qualms about the question being asked.
Meanwhile, Scottish Socialist Party activists in Edinburgh will gather at 6pm on Monday [30th November] at the Mercat Cross, outside Edinburgh High Court, to celebrate the life of John Maclean. In 1916, facing charges of sedition, he famously turned the tables on his prosecutor declaring from the dock of the Court in Edinburgh
'I stand here not as the accused, but the accuser of capitalism dripping from head to toe with the blood of working people....'
Join us if you can.

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