Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Many congratulations to Caroline Lucas

James Mackenzie has rightly been in touch via this blog [see comment under the previous posting] to remind me that there was in fact one spectaular winner in last weeks General election and that was Caroline Lucas the leader of the Greens' who secured a famous victory in Brighton Pavilion.
I am happy to stand corrected. I am a big admirer of Caroline and her victory in a first past the post election is a huge achievement. Her victory is even more impressive in that she defeated Labour in a seat where people would be very keen to keep out the Tories.
Brighton Pavilion is a seat I know well. I visited the area many times on political work when I lived in London. The election of Britain's first Green MP, and an excellent 'red green' at that, is terrific and a fitting reward for the many, many years of hard work by Green Party's activists. There are already several Green Councillors in the city.
I have made amends James by emailing Caroline today at Parliament -lucasc@parliament.uk- to offer her my congratulations on behalf of the SSP.

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