Friday, 25 June 2010

Osborne, Clegg and Cameron punish the innocent to let their guilty friends off the hook

I attended a protest on Tuesday evening in the centre of Edinburgh against the blistering assault on the living standards of millions of working class people and their families unveiled in the Government's Budget.
George Osborne is the multi millionaire Chancellor in multi millionaire Prime Minister David Cameron's Government. He sits next to multi-millionaire Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg - public schoolboys all three of them. Their Eton upbringing prepared them for occasions just like this. They will ensure that the living standards of millionaires are protected by sticking the boot into those who didn't go to public school, to Oxbridge, to the city or to the Palace of Westminster, born with a silver spoon in their mouths.
If you don't understand the Budget let me simplify it for you. The rich are working a con on the rest of us. Clegg, Cameron and Osborne propose to protect the bankers and financiers who made a killing on the markets over the past 25 years from being held to account for their reckless,greedy and selfish actions which led to the collapse of the British economy.
The Budgets purpose is to protect those guilty of bankrupting the economy by making all the rest of us pay and pay heavily through unemployment, house repossessions, reduced social and welfare services, financial pain and social deprivation.
Unfairness is not the word to describe this behaviour and political approach, as its criminal.
Capitalism in Britain is in a profound crisis, morally poisoned and rotten to the core its intends to make working people pay.
The die is by no means cast in this conflict it will be a test of the rich and their resolve as well as the resolve of the labour, trade union and socialist movement to stand against the stream.

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  1. Socialism is an ideology with the core belief that society should exist in which popular collectives control the means of power and production, and the ownership of private property is severely limited. In Marxist theory, it also refers to the society that would succeed or supplant capitalism, and would later develop further into communism, as the necessity for the socialist structure would wither away. Marxism and communism are both branches of socialism.

    As an economic theory, socialism calls for redistribution of wealth through taxation of privately earned wealth coupled with nationalization and government ownership of property without compensation to owners and earners. Socialism being based on the expropriation of wealth, it stresses the privileges of groups over the rights of individuals. As a result of these collectivist tenets, socialistic policies directly and intentionally impede on the business person's right to run their business as they want (small business represents 99% of UK employers).

    Socialistic policies invariably lead to reduced competition which means less freedom of choice for the buyer because there's less variety of products, the worker because there's less employers to choose from and you have no choice but to join the union if you're hired, and the citizen because the government is now the sole provider of semi-essential services not to mention healthcare and education. Add to this a decrease in the quality of goods and services now at higher prices.