Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fury Grows at 19% Rise in Gas and Electricity Bills

SSP Public meeting in Bathgate

Together with my SSP colleagues Eddie, Susan and Paul I have been campaigning in Livingston and Bathgate these past few weeks gathering support for our petition against the gas and electricity charges and the need for action to counter worsening fuel poverty problem in the area.
We have all been overwhelmed by support from the public who are understandably furious that gas and electric bills have gone up 19% [almost 4 times the rate of inflation] whilst their wages, benefits and pensions have not.
We have arranged a public meeting in Bathgate on 5th October to draw people together and establish a local fuel poverty action group.
The details are on the leaflet below.
This is an issue which is growing in political significance daily. The anger in the population is palpable and the consequences of such increases are serious as more people will die of cold related deaths this winter than ever before.

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  1. And ovoenergy have dropped gas prices by 5% but still government will tax us on our energy by upto 40%