Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Frank's done it again...

If there's a wittier cartoonist in Scotland than Frank Boyle (of the Edinburgh Evening News) then they are in hiding, because I've not seen them and I read all the papers.
Frank has won the coveted cartoonist of the year award several times and no wonder. His work never seems to lose its now legendary biting satire, sarcasm, wit and above all its irrepressible humour. To me it is often the wee remarks tucked away in the corner of the scene that crack me up the most and I often ask myself 'How on earth did he get that into the Evening News?'
Frank has joined forces with Argyll Publishing again to present his third compendium of cartoons, curiously entitled 'Boyling Point 2'. As anyone who reads the paper will testify, he is, day in day out, by miles the best thing in the Evening News - apart from those rare occasions when it mentions the Scottish Socialist Party of course. [Are you reading this Evening News Editor Tom?]
The book is now available priced £8.99. With more than 100 cartoon it's the ideal Christmas gift for socialists everywhere, as it pokes fun at all the targets we do, within and beyond Edinburgh. My favourite shows Cameron and Clegg kicking in social services office windows as a couple of frightened elderly bystanders look on and dismiss them as 'Just a hooligan minority'. Then there is the 'Holyrood takeaway' with the 4 party leaders offering food 'with added cheese...pure mince...something fishy and shaky' respectively. It reminds me of a very similar idea the SSP had in its 2010 election material where all four neo-liberal parties offer different flavours of greasy pizza. Mind you, that's Frank Boyle all over, he's forever stealing our cartoons!

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