Friday, 16 November 2012


‘From Scotland to Spain, the struggle is the same’ chanted the crowd over and over as it weaved its way through Edinburgh city centre in the early evening darkness. ‘From Scotland to Greece, no justice no peace’ they added.
Around 600 of us marched in support of workers in 23 other European countries who had themselves been protesting against Governments austerity cuts.

The Edinburgh city centre traffic snarled up behind us as we snaked slowly along Princes Street.

And for SSP activists carrying our party colours it was remarkable to be on a demonstration where English was not the main language spoken. These young people mainly from Spain chanted mainly in Spanish. They work here in Edinburgh albeit in low paid, casual, temporary and largely part time work because they had to leave Spain to get work and they consider themselves to be the lucky ones because compared to their compatriots back home, they reasoned, they were far better off.

So delighted were these young workers to see Scottish Socialist Party members standing shoulder to shoulder amongst them that several asked to have their pictures taken next to our banner to send, via email, to their folks back home.
‘The workers united will never be defeated’ translates beautifully into Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, French……. 

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