Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year Message

Happy New Year and what an exciting year 2014 promises to be.

If Scotland votes Yes in September 300 years of British domination will come to an end as will the democratic failure at the heart of UK politics. We are governed by those without a mandate to do so and are penalised by an economic model biased towards the South East of England that has failed us over decades. A Yes vote will change all that and signal our preparedness to build a new society that rejects the exploitative and iniquitous laissez-faire model in favour of harnessing the full potential of our nation and its resources for the benefit of every one.  

Self-determination is the progressive choice in this Referendum and the polls say we will win if we offer the people of Scotland hope against a background of prolonged Unionist pessimism and failure. Our message to the people of Scotland today must therefore be ‘come and change the world with us on September 18th’.

And my message to YES supporters is borrowed from Martin Luther King who said at a juncture similar to this one ‘Keep your eyes on the prize’. For what a remarkable ‘prize’ Independence will be for the people of Scotland!

The Scottish Socialist Party will continue to do all we can to deliver a Yes vote in Scotland’s working class districts and we are confident we can persuade those in most need that they will be economically, socially and politically better off with Independence. 

Yes 2014 promises to be both an exciting year and a turning point in Scottish history.


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