Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Former SNP candidate leaves to join SSP

Chris Sagan , who was SNP candidate in East Dumbartonshire at last year’s Westminster general election has joined the Scottish Socialist Party.
Chris, who is a teacher in Bishopriggs, said that he was increasingly unhappy at the rightward drift of the SNP and attracted to the SSP by its keynote policies on poverty and independence.
Chris said:
“My main reason for joining the SSP is a positive endorsement of the party as being on the side of the poor. Policies such as Free School Meals and free Public Transport are both just and deliverable and would I believe make major inroads into combating inequality in Scotland.”
“As a life long supporter of independence I fully support the SSP demand for a democratic, Scottish republic with the real powers to change peoples’ lives for the better.”
“I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the SNP other than to say that it seems to be watering down its concern for ordinary people in a bid to cosy up to the business community.”
“That was clearly shown last Monday by the absence of any SNP MSPs from the Farepak protest in Edinburgh—presumably to avoid offending the HBOS ‘fat cats’.”
“Like many Scots, I don’t want to just swap New Labour for New SNP. I have joined the SSP because it calls for an independent, nuclear free, socialist Scotland.”
Welcoming Chris’s decision to join the socialists SSP leader Colin Fox said:
“Chris Sagan is a very important gain for us. He is the latest in a steady stream of people joining the SSP who recognise a party of integrity which is passionate about winning a different kind of Scotland not dominated by big business.”
“I am proud to welcome Chris and indeed all the other new members across Scotland to our party and to the fight for an independent, nuclear fee, socialist Scotland which is going from strength to strength, gaining support each week in the polls. I am sure Chris Sagan will be at the heart of our work between now and next year’s Scottish Parliament elections.”

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