Monday, 4 December 2006

SSP backs Farepak campaigners 100%

The Executive of the Scottish Socialist Party has given Suzy Hall and the Farepak campaigners our 100% backing for their cause after hearing the appalling details of how HBOS has acted in this affair.
Thousands of low paid workers and pensioners have had Christmas 2006 stolen from them.
The SSP is well aware of the rapacious nature of the UK’s banks but our Executive was shocked to be told the details of how the bank has acted in this affair.
The SSP Executive has given the campaigners our 100% backing and will be doing everything we can to mobilise for the lobby of HBOS’s champagne reception on the 11th of December, 5.30pm at the Mound in Edinburgh.
Check the unfairpak website at

Watch the recent debate in the Scottish Parliament at

The debate lasts 1hour 10 minutes (Colin speaks at 37 mins 40 secs)

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