Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Fox claims big four parties 'failing voters' on Afghanistan

Press release sent on 19 April.

Scottish Socialist Party leader Colin Fox will tell a public meeting in Wester Hailes on Thursday that the four main parties in Scotland are now 'completely out of touch with public opinion on Afghanistan.'
His remarks come after an opinion poll published at the weekend showed 77% of people want British troops to be brought home and believe their presence in Afghanistan makes UK streets less safe from terrorist attack.*
The former Lothians MSP believes the four main parties in Scotland are failing to represent voters wishes on the matter.
'This poll in the Independent on Sunday simply confirms what we already know, namely that Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and SNP MPs who support the continued military occupation of Afghanistan do not speak for the people of this country. They are completely out of touch with public opinion on Afghanistan. The vast majority of voters simply reject the view of our elected politicians on this issue as with so many others. People are sick of the warmongering of Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg. They see this as an unwinnable and senseless war that involves Britain occupying another country. Moreover we are occupying a country that has seen 50,000 innocent Afghan civilians killed as well as 281 young British soldiers.
'The Scottish Socialist Party supports the immediate withdrawal of our troops because we believe it is time to give Afghanistan back to the Afghans and we clearly have the backing of 77% of voters.'

*The poll referred to was published in the Independent on Sunday 18/04/2010
**Public meeting details: 'Bring Home he troops from Afghanistan', Murray Suite, The Westsider, Westside Plaza, Wester Hailes, Edinburgh. Thursday 22 April, 7.30pm.
Speakers: Colin Fox, National Spokesman, SSP and John McAllion, Former Labour MP and now SSP

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