Sunday, 4 April 2010

Labour, SNP and Liberals vie for cuts 'Badge of Dishonour' as SSP challenge grows

I am looking forward Thursday evening's SSP public meeting in Gorgie. 'Bring Home the Troops, Say No to Cuts in Public Services' will see me sharing a platform again with Joan Humphreys from Military Families Against the War and with Aidan Murphy from the Save Gorgie Memorial Hall campaign.
Many people in Gorgie and Dalry noticed the glaring contrast in Alastair Darling's Budget statement last week where he announced another £4 billion to pay for Britain's senseless military occupation of Afghanistan whilst at the same time cutting £100 billion from frontline public services.
Darling's Labour Party colleagues have been turning up at public meetings in his Edinburgh South West constituency these last three weeks to condemn the SNP / Lib Dem Council for making 'irresponsible' cuts in community facilities throughout the seat. Whereas they are quite right to condemn the 'Nats and Libs' for making these disgraceful cuts what they are not so honest about is Labour's own shameful record. Since they are so reluctantly to admit it I should point out that not only will Labour make cuts the likes of which we have never seen before in this country if they win the General election, in Edinburgh they cut more services that any other party in the past 20 years.
If you want to stop spending on wars and start spending on public services, then there is only one party to vote for in Edinburgh South West and indeed across Scotland, and that is the SSP.

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