Saturday, 16 October 2010

Say no to cuts; Tory cuts, Labour cuts or SNP cuts. Protest this Saturday

The Scottish Trade Union Congress [STUC] has arranged a protest march and rally against the £86bn of cuts to our public services which Tory Chancellor George Osbourne will announce on Wednesday.
The STUC event entitled 'There is a better way' will take place in Edinburgh this Saturday [23rd October]. The march and rally will offer people the opportunity to come together and protest against the austerity measures proposed by all 4 of the establishment parties, but principally the CON DEM Government coalition. Tens of thousands of trade unionists and other are expected to attend.
The Scottish Socialist Party is opposed to all these cuts. We simply do not accept they are necessary. They will have a devastating impact on the lives of millions of working people who rely on those services. Working people are being held responsible for crimes they did not commit. There are better ways of tackling the national debt than cutting services to the vulnerable. These debts were, lets not forget it, run up after the Government bailed out reckless and greedy bankers.
Come along and join the SSP contingent on Saturday. We will be there with our banners. The march assembles at 11.00am in East Market Street [beside Waverley station] and proceeds along Princes Street to a rally at the Ross Bandstand at 12.30pm.


  1. Government debt will increase to nearly £1.4 trillion in the next 4 years. However when you include government unreported debts such has council debts, PFI and so on. The total government debt is nearly £7.8 trillion pounds, or nearly £300,000 per family in this country,

    The SSP supported government inflation including the build up of debts, at no time over the last 10 years have the SSP complained about government borrowing which we and are children will have to pay back.

    With out reducing the size of government how does Colin propose to pay off this £7.8 trillion pounds of debt?

    The truth is every socialist government on this planet all borrow and print money out of thin air, and at some point hold the people of its country to ransom and expect them to work and pay back for this empire building.

    When a farmer takes out a loan, the farmer will use his livestock as collateral. When government takes out a loan, it uses its own people as collateral.

    The truth as you are know more than livestock to Colin fox, to help build his big government empire. Give him your money, and see virtually little back. Don't worry some of the stolen pennies you may go towards health and education as bribery for your votes, the rest will go towards Colin Foxes big empire building.

    Keep government out of your life, its time to abolish socialism. ;)

  2. I wouldn't call New Labour socialism. The banking sector supported by New Labour has saddled us with this debt, which, if we are being realistic, can't really be paid back. In fact it never will.

    The only way to pay this back is manufacture on home soil like the Chinese and export. To do that we need to adopt manufacturing protocols like TQM (total quality management) to ensure that output is matched by quality, maximising efficiency, sales and profit.

    The problem in the past is, taking the Leyland model as an example, Britain produced GROT. If you wanted quality you bought Japanese or German. If we can adopt an ethos of quality and nothing less will do, then the UK could sell its way out of debt.

    The main barrier to this is greedy right wing Tories who would rather aim for the easy buck selling stocks n shares. The bankers are one example of this. Now that tower of cards has collapsed we now need to do the hard work of rebuilding the manufacturing base.

    If we don't then Britain is finished. It will become bankrupt and it will regress to some kind of post apocalyptic nightmare.

    If we are to avoid this then we need to start training workers and create manufacturing. We need to be innovative and produce products which the world wants to buy. We need to start selling the UK as a quality brand but even better, Scotland as a quality brand.

    With a populace of only 5 million we are not overburdened with 'lumpen proles' but do in fact have a wealth of labour resource and talent which could be exploited if the will and direction was there and Scotland was unencumbered with the baggage of Unionism.