Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Free school meals hypocrisy

I have to congratulate Jim Devine MP and Michael Connarty MP for the stand they have taken in support of the principle of free nutritious school meals. I couldn’t agree more with the motion they signed in the House of Commons condemning the Liberal Democrats for cancelling the successful scheme they’ve ran in Hull for the past 3 years.

If only Mary Mulligan and Bristow Muldoon had shown the same social conscience then perhaps our bill to introduce free school meals across Scotland wouldn’t have been derailed by the labour led Executive.

It seems that the opinion of the Labour party is that it is ok for children in England to receive free school meals but for some reason it isn’t ok in Scotland – the word hypocrisy springs to mind.

Perhaps, for the Labour Party, the three words attached to the free school meals bill, Scottish socialist party, were the problem. Only the SSP is committed to delivering Free Nutritious School Meals for all our children.

The motion signed by Jim Devine MP & Michael Connarty MP read:
"That this House… believes that a more nutritious diet for schoolchildren has a central role in combating this public health problem; applauds Hull City Council's three-year pilot scheme, combining increased investment in healthier school food ingredients with the abolition of charges for primary school meals…"

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