Thursday, 18 January 2007

Trident, Law & Prescription Charges

S2W-31128 - Colin Fox (Lothians) (SSP) (Date Lodged 17 January 2007) : To ask the Scottish Executive how many police officers from each constabulary have so far been sent to cover the year-long “Faslane 365” protest at the Faslane naval base.

Answered by Cathy Jamieson (30 January 2007): Only officers from Strathclyde Police and the Ministry of Defence Police have been involved in policing the Faslane 365 protest.

S2W-30912 - Colin Fox (Lothians) (SSP) (Date Lodged 10 January 2007) : To ask the Scottish Executive what its precise timetable is for the commencement of outstanding sections 25 to 29 of the Law Reform Miscellaneous Provisions (Scotland) Act 1990.

Answered by Johann Lamont (23 January 2007): Sections 25-29 of the Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Scotland) Act 1990 provides for rights of audience and rights to conduct litigation to be granted to members of professional or other bodies which meet the criteria described in the legislation. The commencement of these sections is expected to take place in March 2007, in tandem with section 61 of the Legal Profession and Legal Aid (Scotland) Bill 2006, which contains a provision to remove a defect related to the provisions on rights to conduct litigation.

S2W-30911 - Colin Fox (Lothians) (SSP) (Date Lodged 10 January 2007) : To ask the Scottish Executive, further to the answer to question S2W-29323 by Lewis Macdonald on 10 November 2006 in which the minister stated that he hoped to publish the review of NHS prescription charges and exemption arrangements before the end of the year, what the reason is for the delay and when the Executive now expects to publish the review.

Answered by Lewis Macdonald (24 January 2007): We are carefully considering the results of our consultation on NHS prescription charges and exemption arrangements in Scotland. Changes to the current arrangements may have complex financial and social consequences. We intend to publish a report on the consultation together with our decisions on the way forward in the near future.

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