Monday, 15 January 2007

NCR jobs betrayal

SSP Public meeting
Wed 17th Jan - 7.30pm

Queens Hotel, Dundee

speakers - Colin Fox MSP, Richie Venton (SSP TU organiser)
This announcement is a sickening blow to 650 NCR employees and their families. I am sure they are livid at the company who just a year ago assured them their jobs were safe. To add insult to injury I understand they heard news of their sacking by video link from America. NCR bosses have apparently described the decision to sack the workers as a 'step in the right direction. Well it's not 'a step in the right direction', it's a step towards the dole in a city with higher than average unemployment already. Once again Scots workers are being dumped and their jobs exported to low wage economies abroad for the benefit of the bosses. Virtually no private sector job in Scotland can be considered safe nowadays."I note that already all the bosses parties- New Labour, Tories , Lib Dems and the SNP can only wring their hands and blame market forces. The brutal truth is that we need to get tough with companies who treat workers in this shabby way. Scots workers have some of the weakest job protection laws in Europe thanks to New Labour's love affair with big business and it time that was changed. I have today been in touch with Amicus shop stewards and offered them my full support. Like them the SSP believes we should not just roll over and accept this decision. I will meet union officials on Wednesday in Dundee and will be speaking at a public meeting the Scottish Socialist Party has arranged on the issue.

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