Thursday, 18 January 2007

S2M-5412 Colin Fox (Lothians) (SSP) : Condemn sacking of 650 by NCR Dundee

That the Parliament condemns the decision by NCR in Dundee to sack 650 of its workers; recognises that assurances given to the workers’ union just last year that jobs were safe have turned out to be worthless; believes that the announcement by NCR is not just a severe blow to Dundee but has ominous implications for workers’ job prospects throughout the manufacturing sector in Scotland; further believes that the NCR decision again highlights the need for greater protection of jobs in Scotland, which can be destroyed on a whim as employers uproot and head east for cheap labour reserves, and offers its full support to Amicus and the entire workforce in efforts they make to save the jobs and secure a future for all workers affected by this dreadful news.

Supported by: Frances Curran, Rosie Kane, Carolyn Leckie, Ms Rosemary Byrne, Kate Maclean, Tommy Sheridan

Lodged on 12 January 2007

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